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Ware County Financial Group

Commission Meeting Schedule

Commission Work Sessions and Regular Meetings are typically held every second Monday of each month.

Commission Called Meetings are typically held every fourth Monday of each month (except for November & December, which usually do not have a second set of meetings due to holidays).

Can't Make It to a Meeting?

We live stream and record every meeting which you can view via our Facebook page and be sure to check the Newsroom for announcements of meeting dates/times or changes in scheduling.

Find Your Commissioner

Unsure what commission district you fall into? Not sure which commissioner to contact with questions/concerns? Use our online district map tool to find where you fall within district boundaries. You can even search by street address to pinpoint your district exactly!

Quick Contacts

  • Physical Address:
    305 Oak Street, Suite 227
    Waycross, GA 31501
  • Mailing Address:
    ATTN: Commission Office
    P.O. Box 1069
    Waycross, GA 31502
  • Phone: (912) 287-4300
  • Fax: (912) 287-4301
  • Hours of Operation:

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Documentation (Current Year)

2022 Audited Financial Statements
2024 Holiday Closures
FY2024 Approved Budget

Meeting Minutes (Current Year)

2024-01-08 Public Hearing
2024-01-08 Regular Meeting
2024-01-08 Work Session
2024-01-22 Called Meeting
2024-02-12 Regular Meeting
2024-02-12 Work Session
2024-03-11 Public Hearing
2024-03-11 Regular Meeting
2024-03-11 Work Session
2024-03-25 Called Meeting
2024-04-08 Regular Meeting
2024-04-08 Work Session
2024-04-22 Called Meeting
2024-05-13 Regular Meeting
2024-05-13 Work Session

Documentation (Previous Years)

2021 Audited Financial Statements
2023 Holiday Closures
FY2023 Approved Budget

Meeting Minutes (Previous Years)

2023-01-09 Commission Public Hearing
2023-01-09 Commission Regular Meeting
2023-01-09 Commission Work Session
2023-01-23 Commission Called Meeting
2023-02-13 Commission Public Hearing
2023-02-13 Commission Regular Meeting
2023-02-13 Commission Work Session
2023-03-13 Regular Meeting
2023-03-13 Work Session
2023-03-27 Called Meeting
2023-03-27 Work Session
2023-04-10 Public Hearing
2023-04-10 Regular Meeting
2023-04-10 Work Session
2023-04-24 Called Meeting
2023-05-08 Public Hearing
2023-05-08 Regular Meeting
2023-05-08 Work Session
2023-06-06 Called Meeting
2023-06-12 Regular Meeting
2023-06-12 Work Session
2023-06-29 Called Meeting
2023-06-29 Public Hearing
2023-07-10 Public Hearing
2023-07-10 Regular Meeting
2023-07-10 Work Session
2023-08-14 Public Hearing
2023-08-14 Regular Meeting
2023-08-14 Work Session
2023-09-01 Called Meeting
2023-09-11 Public Hearing
2023-09-11 Regular Meeting
2023-09-11 Work Session
2023-10-09 Public Hearing
2023-10-09 Regular Meeting
2023-10-09 Work Session
2023-10-23 Called Meeting
2023-11-03 Called Meeting
2023-11-13 Public Hearing
2023-11-13 Regular Meeting
2023-11-13 Work Session
2023-11-30 Public Hearing
2023-12-11 Public Hearing
2023-12-11 Regular Meeting
2023-12-11 Work Session